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Windsurf & Yoga Package

You will practice yoga right next to beautiful Lac Bay. It’s the perfect spot for windsurfing and you practice yoga while breathing the healthy salty air and feeling the breeze on your skin along with the stunning view of this bay.

You will join a windsurf lesson per day and will be able to practice throughout the rest of the day. Spend your days relaxing on the beach and swimming in the most rejuvenating as well as stress relieving sea water.

The Windsurfing

You will have a one hour windsurfing lesson each day. The best windsurfers of the island work at Sorobon’s Dunkerbeck Pro Center and will either teach you as a beginner or will help you improve your windsurfing skills if you are more advanced.

You have access to brand new gear from the Dunkerbeck Pro Center since the center only opened its doors in January 2018. The shallow lagoon of Lac Bay is just the perfect place to windsurf, especially if you are a beginner. But also being more advanced this great windsurf spot will take your breath away. You are in windsurfers paradise!

The Yoga

Sorobon Yoga believes in the importance of taking the time to feel your body during a flow class. Taking the time to get into the correct alignment for your body. Moving slow and with the breath helps you to connect to your body and to listen in, making sure you always respect your body’s boundaries. This physical practice and making the connection to your body is a great tool to improve your windsurfing.

You will be offered a class in the morning and in the evening. The mornings start in a dynamic pace,  moving on the breath, flowing through the poses. At the end of the day we offer an after windsurf stretching and relaxing yoga session. During this sunset session, you will practice more passive Yin and Restorative yoga (60 minutes).

The yoga classes are suitable for all levels. We move fairly slow and with control and take the time to get into the correct alignment, which also makes it possible to give various modifications to either deepen into more advanced variations of a pose or to take a step back. Whatever your body needs. And that is the great gift of yoga; connecting to yourself, listening in and really feeling what it is your body, mind and soul needs.

Please e-mail to check availability and book.

The Benefits of Windsurf and Yoga

With yoga, you can literally re-balance your body, mind, and soul. Feeling more energy and recharged, improving your body’s flexibility, strength and balance, reducing or relieving aches and pains in the body, and much more.

These benefits work hand in hand with effective windsurfing and practicing intensive yoga while training and improving one’s windsurfing. A great way to achieve great results without straining one’s body!

Package includes

  • 6 nights accommodation in a studio apartment in Sorobon Boutique Resort
  • 6 healthy breakfast buffet (Currently unavailable. Read more here.)
  • 6 gastronomical dinners (Currently unavailable. Read more here.)
  • 10 yoga sessions – 5 morning and 5 evening
  • 5 1-hour windsurfing lessons
  • 5 days of windsurfing gear rental with Dunkerbeck Pro Center
  • Airport transfer

Please e-mail to check availability and book.