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Windsurfing in Dunkerbeck Pro Center

Lac Bay – the bay harbouring Sorobon Beach Resort – is one of the most perfect windsurfing spots for both, an amateur and a professional. It is a bay protected from the ocean waves and swell by a big reef, making the water extremely shallow for more than two kilometers with barely any tides! The proximity of the ocean also creates steady winds of at least 10-15 knots.

On the beach of Sorobon Beach Resort you can find Dunkerbeck Pro Center. Windsurfing with them, you get the chance to have a lot of ‘alone time’ in the bay, as the center’s opening hours are longer! It is a friendly center offering many windsurfing opportunities for all levels.

They use a selection of labeled brands – Simmerstyle, Goya, Starboard and Maui Fins – in order to respond as accurately as possible to all levels of practice. The Dunkerbeck Pro Center team is always eager to assist you in finding the right gear and help you progress. They will hand you customized material matching the current wind conditions.

Clinics are an ideal way to continue having fun windsurfing in a social environment, where you’re able to improve your skills dramatically. Throughout the year, noted windsurfers host a special skill clinic in our center. Keep an eye out for the next clinic!

Their guests are supplied with the best technical advice about equipment, fine-tuning the gear to suit the conditions and quick tips to improve individual skill levels.

The center also hosts kids clinics, where children are taught the sport in a fun and social environment. This way, they get to know the equipment, meet new friends and enjoy four days of fun in the water! The next dates for a kids clinic can be found on the Dunkerbeck Pro Center website.


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